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North End Noise

Follow capo to know which group you’re in.


GROUP ONE: So who are we?

GROUP TWO: So who are we?

G1: We are the boys! /

G2: We are the boys!

G1: We’re from the North End and we’re here to make some noise!

G2: Make some noise!

G1: For our boys! / G

2: For our boys!

G1: And you will see! /

G2: And you will see!

Wave flags during this part:


All: We’re gonna jump and clap and sing for victory!

And when we do… you’ll know that noise Came from the North End Charleston battery regiment Boys

Oh Holy City, oh Holy City This is our team, the mighty Charleston Battery!

I am a Battery Fan

 tune: “Anarchy in the UK”


I am a Battery fan

– And I am from Charleston

I know what I want and I know how to get it

I wanna destroy (opponent’s name here ) scum

cus I wanna be Holy City!

PARTY IN Charleston


We’ll sing for you Battery

‘Til you finish the fight

There’s a party in Charleston

No one’s sleeping tonight (x2)

After 2nd time, spin scarves, wave flags: la la lalala la la, etc

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