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How we started


Like most things, it started over a couple beers back in 1998.  The Charleston Battery were getting a brand new home and the team needed a dedicated supporters group to go with it.  In 1999, the Regiment was officially formed and we have been supporting the Battery ever since.   We've helped our players, our members and our community over the years.  The Regiment is truly "family" and would like you to join us. 

Why Join?


Besides the great swag that you get, you can be part of something bigger and help elevate the Battery, both on and off the field.  Every membership strengthens what we can do to improve game-day atmosphere, grow our tailgates, help our community and contribute to our charitable efforts.


Whether you want to sing, wave flags and bang on drums in the supporters section, stand along the end line or enjoy midfield seating, you can be part of growing the Soccer Community here in Charleston

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